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Reading Tutoring 

We offer both online and in-person tutoring. Our online tutoring follows the same sequence and format of in-person tutoring, through screen sharing

Prior to beginning tutoring, all students receive an initial screening and evaluation to determine their current level of skill, knowledge, and reading level. This ensures that students receive the type of intervention that is best suited for them. The assessment will include:


  • Barton Student Screening

  • WIST –Word Identification and Spelling Test

  • Reading Fluency Assessment

Students who need additional work in phonemic awareness prior to beginning Barton tutoring start with either Foundations in Sounds or Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program-LiPS, depending on need.

The WIST and Reading Fluency Assessment test are progress monitoring tools. The initial assessment gives a beginning baseline to compare actual progress of students. Assessments are conducted again once a student completes Level 4, 6, 8 and 10 of the Barton System. 


Additional reading fluency work is available as an additional option for students.

Posttests are administered at the end of each Barton level to ensure mastery of material taught. Any areas falling below mastery will be reviewed before moving on to the next level.

Students are required to have a minimum of 2 sessions every week in order to make progress. More sessions per week are recommended, especially during the summer. The greater number of sessions equals the greater amount of progress.

Please note that any Orton Gillingham based program is not a quick fix. This type of instruction is intensive, highly structured, sequential, and multisensory. Tutoring requires a commitment to a minimum of 2 times per week year round in order to show progress. You may be aware that dyslexia ranges from mild to profound. Depending on the severity level of dyslexia, a student can expect to spend a minimum of 2 years in the program, to 4 years (or more) if their dyslexia is profound. However, they will make progress! 


Our goal is to move students through the program as quickly as possible, yet at a pace that ensures mastery of material being taught. 



"Our dyslexia tutoring journey, and subsequently, our introduction to the Barton method, has made a significant difference in the life of my son. I was aware that dyslexia impacted my son's academic achievement, but did
not fully recognize the impact on his emotional and physical health. When we met Mrs. Macomber she immediately put Logan at ease. I appreciated her sensitivity and the gentle way she led him through the lessons. After only two lessons, I saw my son's anxiety visibly reduced. During the following
months, I watched as he grew and thrived! Yes, his reading improved a great deal, and I valued his improving academic performance, but more
 mportantly, I saw a weight lifted off of his shoulders. He read to me from a page in one of the Barton lessons recently and I watched as he approached his task with confidence. I can't say enough good things about Ms. Betty and the Barton method in general. She has treated Logan as a member of her family from the first day we met and she has genuinely tried
to get to know him as an individual. Logan knows that he has an unwavering ally in Mrs. Macomber and I am deeply grateful to her for empowering my son."                 ~Lindsey

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