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Equipping Minds

Cognitive Skill Development

Many adults and children with learning difficulties have weaknesses in one or more areas that can be strengthened by developing stronger cognitive skills. Strong cognitive skills are a necessary foundation for learning.



Equipping Minds

Equipping Minds is holistic in their approach to cognitive skill development. Along with exercises to develop greater strength in working memory and processing speeds, Equipping Minds incorporates primitive reflex exercises, sound therapy, and a healthy diet and exercise. This is an intensive program requiring a minimum of 12 weeks tutoring or more, again depending on specific needs of each individual. Tutoring is 5 days per week, and also requires work done at home 7 days per week.

Equipping Minds is for everybody; struggling to gifted learners, athletes to senior citizens. Tutoring Sessions are one-on-one either in person or online, or a combination of both. Online sessions will require the purchase of additional materials, as well as a wide angle web cam that shows both the student and their work area.

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