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Other  OG Tutors - United States

  • California

  • Laguna Niguel, CA, Credentialed Tutoring, Dyslexia Tutor, Barton Certified- Suzanna Bortz,MS, 949-338-0362, 

  • Reading and Spelling Solutions, Los Gatos, CA, Dyslexia Remediation and Neuropsychological Evaluation, Orton-Gillingham based programs including Barton, Wilson, Lindamood Bell. Dr. Silvana Casale ABSNP. PH.D.

  • Santa Clarita, CA- Chrisie Lim, Learning Success, Barton Certified at the Masters Level, LiPS Trained, Dyslexia Screener 661-222-2233

  • Santa Rosa, CA, Anjel Totty, Totty Educated Solutions. Specializing in reading, writing and spelling. Certified Barton Tutor, LiPS Trained, Dyslexia Screener,   

  • Upland, CA  - Cynthia Dapello, Could It Be Dyslexia, Certified at the Master Level in the Barton System, LiPS Trained, SWI Trained, Dyslexia Screener, In Person  and Online Remote Tutoring,

  •  CA, Reading and Spelling Solutions, Dyslexia Remediation and Neuropsychological Evaluation, Orton-Gillingham                                                 based programs including Barton, Wilson, Lindamood Bell. Dr. Silvana Casale ABSNP. PH.D.  

  • Colorado
    Denver, Colorado, Orton Gillingham, LiPs Reading Dyslexia Tutor-Diane Talbot​

  • Georgia
    Atlanta, GA, Reading Dyslexia OG/Barton Tutors- Ladder Learning Services LLC atlantareads.orgDacula, GA &            
    Buford, GA Dyslexia Tutor Sybil Barker, Certified Tutor, Dyslexia Specialist,​​​

  • Iowa
    West Des Moines, DYScover Learning - Kristin Clark, Masters in Math Education - Dyslexia and Math tutor,  certified Barton tutor,           trained in Structured Word Inquiry,  remote tutoring available

  • Kansas

  • Shawnee/Johnson County KS- Dyslexia Evaluator and Literacy Specialist: Allison Winters, M.Ed.CCC-SLP​

  • Michigan

  • Linden, MI -- Lisa Barnett, SE Teacher & Learning Specialist at Empower Learning Center. Services include Professional Development, Speaking Engagements, Online & In-Person Tutor Services: Specializing in Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Structured Literacy, Reading & Language Usage  

  • Mississippi

  • Jackson, MS -- Jeannette Washington, M.Ed Dyslexia Advocate | Keynote Speaker | Teacher Trainer | Online Tutoring Service | Author

  • Missouri

  • Poplar Bluff, MO - Alice Barbour,

  • Montana

  • Missoula, MT -- Carolyn Goldammer. Elementary Teacher, Orton-Gillingham trained reading & dyslexia tutor.​

  • Nevada

  • Las Vegas,Kris Williams, M.Ed., Certified in Barton Reading and Spelling System, Screening for Dyslexia, also teaching math using Making Math Real methodology,​

  • New Mexico

  • Las Cruces, NM reading dyslexia tutor, Online tutoring for dyslexia- CC Manning 

  • Santa Fe, Hope B. DuBois, Making the Connection Learning Services, M.A. Spec. Ed., B.S. Elem. Ed, CALP lic. 4135, in-person and online tutoring. ​

  • North Carolina

  • Belmont, NC- Leigh Owens

  • Raleigh, NC – Jennifer Byrd, Certified Barton Reading & Spelling System Tutor,Dyslexia Consultant & Screener, 

  • Wilmington, NC - April Coggins/Bright Minds Tutoring, Dyslexia Specialist,​

  • OhioColumbus, OH Reading Dyslexia Tutor Nationwide Dyslexia Homeschool Consultations -Carol Morehart,

  • Oregon

  • Salem, OR Dyslexia Consultant, Screener, & Barton (OG) Tutor- Jane Gramenz, MA Teaching, BA Psychology - Ms. Jane's Tutoring

  • Salem, OR.  Dyslexia Specialist including assessments, screening, and tutoring (Barton Reading, pre-Barton, LiPS trained).  Homeschool Assistance/Testing, Advocate for special education (getting evaluations with the school, IEP and 504 information).

  • Susan Farmer, Academic Learning Solutions.

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