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"After years of working with my daughter, I despaired of ever teaching her to read. Then we found Betty.  She has been an amazing gift to us. For the last two years she has taught my daughter with utmost care and patience, allowing her to learn in her own way but at the same time skillfully guiding her to do her best. I wish all teachers were more like her. My daughter can read now, and it is priceless."         ~Kari B.

“Betty Macomber has been such an amazing help to our daughter!  Not only does she offer the skills of a Certified Barton Tutor, but also the patience from being a Mom of a dyslexic student.  This perfect combination has helped tremendously when working with our daughter during a tough time in the curriculum.  From her own personal experience, she has been able to not only guide my daughter along the reading program, but has also helped recommend other helpful steps in the journey of providing complete care.  We are so grateful for all of her efforts!”           ~ Allison Hall


"Our dyslexia tutoring journey, and subsequently, our introduction to the
Barton method, has made a significant difference in the life of my son. I
was aware that dyslexia impacted my son's academic achievement, but did not fully recognize the impact on his emotional and physical health. When we met Mrs. Macomber she immediately put Logan at ease. I appreciated her sensitivity and the gentle way she led him through the lessons. After only two lessons, I saw my son's anxiety visibly reduced. During the following months, I watched as he grew and thrived! Yes, his reading improved a great deal, and I valued his improving academic performance, but more importantly, I saw a weight lifted off of his shoulders. He read to me from a page in one of the Barton lessons recently and I watched as he approached his task with confidence. I can't say enough good things about Ms. Betty and the Barton method in general. She has treated Logan as a member of her family from the first day we met and she has genuinely tried to get to know him as an individual. Logan knows that he has an unwavering ally in Mrs. Macomber and I am deeply grateful to her for empowering my son."                 ~Lindsey


"My son had difficulty spelling since early childhood, but we never realized the full extent until 3rd grade when it became abundantly clear that he was below average. It was frustrating to see him achieve above average in all other subjects and yet not be able to master basic phonetics. His primary care physician recommended experts and my own interventions at home were fruitless. Almost at the point of giving up I decided to research online based on my own observations and I learnt about dyslexia and where I could find help and support. Signing up for an evaluation with Betty Macomber was one of the best decisions we made for our son.  From the onset we developed confidence in her abilities and experience due to her knowledge of dyslexia, patience and also her resourcefulness. We have made the decision to tutor my son at home and I know that Betty will continue to be a big part of it."           ~ Betty O.

"My daughter recently completed the Barton system with Betty as her tutor/mentor/coach and friend. Betty's patience and encouraging attitude made challenging lessons manageable and helped to boost Molly's confidence overall. Molly's improvement in spelling and her understanding of the structure of English vocabulary is remarkable after completing the program with Betty by her side. Betty's deep comprehension of the Barton program make her a very efficient, effective and supportive tutor.  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity for Molly to work with her."           ~J. Switzer

"My 9-year-old daughter's confidence in reading and spelling immediately skyrocketed once she began to work with Betty. Betty is patient, kind and knowledgeable. Her flexibility in working with our family has been very valuable. For the first time, we are seeing significant progress in our daughter's reading skills."                                      ~Julie K.


"Thank goodness we found Betty Macomber!  Her expertise in teaching the Barton Reading system, in a caring and supportive manner, has helped my 3rd-grade daughter to increase her reading proficiency significantly.   When she started with Betty, she was struggling with the most fundamental reading skills; just over a year later she is very close to reading at grade level.  Her self-confidence and willingness to read have also improved significantly.  I highly recommend Ms. Macomber to anyone seeking reading support due to dyslexia."  ~ D. Godaire

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